6 Home Security Tips

6 Home Security TipsHome security comes under danger from various threats such as intrusion, burglary, and fire. The best way of protecting the house against all these threats is by having a monitored home security method. However, you may have additional measures for safety you can employ to maintain the home security. Here are some tips for bolstering the home security and maintaining the house from fire threats. Put these into practice and protect your home against various problems. These tips can be used with your existing home security system for protecting the house and your loved ones living in it.

1. Home Security When Away: There are times when you are going to be away from home for a long time. In this case, leave your stereo or TV on in the room near the front door or other entries to the house such as first-floor windows and side doors. You can use motion detectors or exterior lighting to reduce the number of places where the burglar may hide easily.

2. Locking the Entries: Lock all the doors and install 1-inch deadbolt locks for all the outside doors before going out or before going to bed every night. There are some optional security measures available as well such as smart locks for locking and unlocking the doors remotely. You can use the ADT Pulse app for the purpose.

3. Precautions against Fire: While building, buying, or renovating the home ensure that you are using fire-resistant material for the construction. Pay specific attention to the siding and roofing material that can wrap the whole house. You can also use some affordable fire-resistant options for this purpose. Therefore perform your homework before selecting the material that can truly protect the home.

4. Using Home Security Systems: You can use the ADT yard signs along with window decals for displaying clearly on the property. It will serve as the first line of defense against possible burglars. You can also use glass, window, and door break sensors which trigger an alarm if there is an intruder inside the home. The home security system is helpful against various threats such as carbon monoxide, flooding, heat and water sensors, and freezing due to smoke, etc. It can also handle medical emergencies.

5. Professional 24 Hour Home Monitoring: There are security professionals available along with a highly trained staff who can provide continuous surveillance for the house 24X7 by using the ADT monitoring. Even when it is not possible to be there all the time there is someone who will be watching the home constantly.

6. Using Technology for Remote Monitoring: You can use modern technology and keep an eye on the house by using your smartphone and laptop. It is possible to remotely monitor your home and receive security updates via email and text messages.


The home security costs need not stretch your budget all the time. You may get quality home security and monitoring services for about a dollar every day. Everyone is aware that there is no price tag on the safety of your family, but you will feel a bit safer when the house is protected. If you are looking to build a new home with a pre-wired security system and motion detector and keypad included contact Vitale Homes to make it happen.

Picture Credit: Pixabay