A Guide To Working From Home

A Guide To Working From HomeIt’s 2020 and working from home is the new normal for about one-third of all working Americans. Unfortunately, not all of us have been lucky enough to score a home office. But not to worry, there are ways to work from home comfortably from just about any room in your home. Keep reading for a complete guide on maximizing your at-home productivity, even if you don’t have your own private home office.

Stake Your Claim

Most of us don’t have a home office. Most of us don’t even have a space we can claim as an office. However, finding a spot you can claim as an office at least during your working hours can go a long way to making your workday less hectic. If that means claiming a section of the kitchen counter, great. All you need is a comfortable chair and decent lighting. Working in the same place every day is more about developing a working routine than anything else. A word of warning is to keep your workspace out of your bedroom if possible. Your work is already going to be where you live, it doesn’t need to be where you sleep too.

Keep it Clean

A cluttered home office is not a productive one. Treat your work with the respect it deserves by keeping your space neat and organized. Getting rid of clutter is also a great way to de-stress. If you’re feeling like you need a break, or you’re overwhelmed, getting rid of the extra papers and mess around you can help that feeling go away.

Setting the Right Mood

Working from home may make you feel a bit lazier, so it’s important to make sure your home office is set up to encourage hard work and inspiration. It might sound cheesy but setting up an inspiration board to look at is a great way to stay motivated. Pictures that represent your goals and the people things and places that you love are great for keeping the energy up when all you want to do is curl up in your bed in the next room.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Like it or not, Zoom is a cornerstone of pandemic life. The last thing you want is all your coworkers to see is your laundry hanging in the background of a meeting. Make sure you check your background before going online. Neutral backgrounds are best but don’t stress about it too much. As long as your house is clean and there’s nothing overly personal in your shot, you’re probably fine. If you want, you can even use video meetings as a chance to show off your style a bit with an art piece in the background. Make sure you check your lighting too; no one wants to have to strain their eyes trying to see you.

Make it Yours

The best part about working from home is that you can customize your workspace however you want. No more stuffy office rules to annoy you. No scented candles allowed in the office? Not a problem in your home office. Do you want to listen to music out loud instead of getting a headache from earbuds? Let loose! It might not be ideal but working from home is your chance to make your dream office. Add all the decorations you want while you can because before you know it you’ll be back in your old office wishing you were still at home.

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