Advantages To Owning An Energy Efficient Home

Advantages To Owning An Energy Efficient HomeAn ENERGY STAR rated home is one that meets specific requirements as put forth by an Energy Rating Company. According to these standards, the home must be a single-family home, duplex, or townhome that’s built on site. Owning one of these homes is very beneficial in many ways. Unfortunately, most of us only see a few of these benefits. However, there are many more that you may be overlooking.

Lower Cost on Utility Bills

Most existing homes will cost you more to operate than a home that’s truly energy efficient. When you conduct calculations and comparisons on a square foot basis, with everything else also being equal you’ll still find that an energy efficient home is more affordable because it costs less money to operate. In fact, these “energy smart” homes are between 40% – 60% more energy efficient than a home that was built to code specifications only 20 years ago. These new homes are also 20% – 30% more efficient than those homes that were built only 10 years ago. This is because these new homes are tested for performance, have better HVAC systems and windows (We recommend energy efficient Low-E dual pane windows.), and are water efficient.

Added Comfort Throughout Your Home

When discussing a home’s “comfort” level you’re taking into consideration things like temperature, humidity, and air movement. These things are all based on personal preferences so not everybody in the home will find all conditions to be “perfect” all the time. Nevertheless, most home builders and HVAC professionals agree that having the right size HVAC system in your home is helpful here.

Years of research has discovered that most people are comfortable when the temperature is between 75 – 78 degrees with between 45% – 55% relative humidity. This combination is now known as the “ideal comfort range” for 80% – 85% of people. As such, these conditions combined with your home’s elements and weather information for your area are used to determine your HVAC system’s load calculation.

Improved Resale Prices

An energy efficient home will generate an immediate return on investment. This is why you should never worry about spending money to build a home that exceeds code recommendations here. Doing so has been proven to lower both your mortgage and your utility bills. As such, your home will have a “positive cash flow” from the first day you choose to make improvements on its energy efficiency.

Higher Quality Homes

When your home has an Energy Promise Certificate (a certification that your home meets environmental standards for “going green”) you’ll have a third-party verification saying that your home is designed, built, inspected, and tested to assure buyers that it meets high standards for being an energy efficient home. This means that your home doesn’t produce a lot of energy so its utilities don’t cost a lot of money.

Many of the homes that receive this certificate are hand crafted even though some prefabricated walls and/or trusses may have been used inside of them. Nevertheless, they’re still highly committed to being both high quality and durable without using a lot of energy. These homes are quite comfortable to live in too.

Environmental Benefits

Today there’s a lot of scientific evidence that supports climate change is indeed occurring. Regardless of what’s causing these changes in our environment, one thing is for certain: Clean air and water play a vital role in our community’s health and wellbeing. These things also affect our families, region, state, country, world, and even the future of all these entities. Having an energy efficient home means that you’re taking steps to show that you’re concerned about all these things and the impact of the environment on them.


To build a truly energy efficient home, there are several things you must do, including:

  • Tightening up the air barrier that surrounds your home
  • Creating a thicker thermal barrier
  • Properly upgrading to a higher Seer Eco-friendly high efficiency heating and air conditioning system with a programmable thermostat to meet your space conditioning needs
  • Upgrading to an energy-efficient 50-gallon water heater to meet your home’s water needs
  • Replacing all your home’s major appliances and fixtures with ENERGY STAR certified models

When you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits that come with owning an energy efficient home, contact Vitale Homes. You’ll experience many of these energy-efficient features and enjoy the significant savings. With the Vitale Difference you are assured your Vitale home comes with these great advantages. In the end, every Vitale home achieves a HERS index rating of 63, which means their homes are 30% more energy efficient than standard new homes.

Picture Credit: OpenClipart-Vectors