Creating Your New Home’s Wish List

Creating Your New Home’s Wish ListSpending time inside of our homes throughout COVID-19 has made us intimately familiar with them – maybe even a bit too familiar with them. If you had planned on moving before COVID-19 struck, and still want to move when the right time comes, maybe now is the best time to spend a few minutes reflecting upon what is and isn’t working in the home that you now have. It doesn’t matter how big or small these things are (e.g. having too many stairs, needing a yard for relaxing or entertaining in), they’re things that you should seriously take into consideration before buying a new home. After all, moving isn’t something that you should take lightly nor is it something you’ll want to do too often so you should make this move count.

Questions to Consider When Looking for a New Home

Discovering what you do and don’t like in your home may feel like a daunting task. You may even be afraid that you’ll overlook something that’s important to you. This is why you shouldn’t rush into a new home but instead take some time to find the answer to these questions so you’ll be sure to find the perfect home this time:

  • What is and isn’t working for you in the home that you already have?
  • How much do you honestly like the home you’re currently living in?
  • What’s the best thing about the home that you’re now living in? On the flip side: What’s the worst thing about the home that you’re now living in?
  • Do you like your current home’s style? If you answered “no,” is there a preferential architectural style you’d like to have instead?
  • What’s your favorite room in your home and why do you enjoy spending time there?
  • How do you feel about the amount of space your home has and the way in which everything flows? If you feel there’s something wrong about the amount of space: Where could you have more or less of it at?
  • Is the layout an open floor plan or compartmentalized? Does it suit your lifestyle?
  • Are there enough bedrooms or bathrooms? Or do you have too many of them?
  • Do you like the fact that it’s a single or multistory home?
  • How are the windows: Well placed? Too much/little natural light?
  • How are the fixtures and finishes?
  • Is there a room that you don’t have but have always wanted (e.g. a home office, mudroom, workout room, laundry room, craft room)?
  • Does the outside of your home make you feel good about your home? Do you enjoy spending time in your outdoor space? Or, if you don’t have any space outdoors, do you want some? If so, do you enjoy taking care of a yard and its landscaping? How much time do you have available to spend on these types of tasks?
  • Does your home have curb appeal?
  • Does your home have adequate parking? Do you need a garage or carport in your new home?
  • Do you like your neighborhood? Take a moment to think about all its characteristics (e.g. walkability, density, nearby activities, parks, neighborhood involvement, noise level) because these things can also make or break a home’s appeal.
  • How far do you have to travel for your essentials (e.g. shopping, doctors)?
  • Are you happy with your commute?
  • Do you have too few or too many activities nearby?


Based on your answers to these questions you’ll be able to discover exactly what you want in your new house. If you live in Tampa, FL, make sure to bring your list with you and come visit Vitale Homes. Together we can make your new home your dream home.

Vitale Homes builds new single-family homes in both large and small master-planned communities as well as self-developed neighborhoods throughout the Tampa Bay area, with a particular understanding of the Land o Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Hudson, New Port Richey, Odessa and surrounding towns of Pasco and Pinellas counties. Whether this is your first home or twentieth home, you’ll experience the Vitale Difference of personalized customizations, exceptional included appointments and finishes, upgrades, and energy features often above industry standards and always above expectations.

Picture Credit: Pexels