Home Sale During COVID-19 Pandemic In Tampa, FL

Home Sale During COVID-19 Pandemic In Tampa, FLFor a home sale in Tampa, FL during the COVID-19 pandemic has its fair share of difficulties. However, experts believe that these challenges can be tackled. A home sale can be safely achieved and the potential buyers may also be allowed to take a look at the property as long as some steps are taken. Let’s see some tips to stay safe and yet have the property inspected by the interested parties. Here is what the experts have to say,

Staying safe while selling the home during COVID-19 pandemic

It might be intimidating at the moment to permit strangers inside your home. But some of these tips can help you mitigate the risks involved in showing the house. Many real estate agents are taking steps to improve their virtual marketing efforts to have the home in front of the home buyers without bringing on undue risks.

  • Many times it is difficult to get certain supplies for the real estate agents. Therefore, the homeowners showing their homes need to use hand sanitizers, gloves, and disinfectants on their hands and the front doors being used by the visitors.
  • Home sellers can look for agents who are well versed in using digital technology such as virtual open house showing, videos providing a virtual walk-through, electronic signing of documents, and online marketing.
  • Home sellers should allow videos of the house to be filmed so that the buyers may get accommodated. But many video makers and photographers will insist that there is no one present in the home while shooting to ensure safety.
  • The virtual showing will limit the number of people that can come inside the house. For instance a real estate agent may use Face Time to show the house to the prospective buyers without the need for them to come and visit the home in person.
  • In case the homeowner is not comfortable with people coming inside the house they can use Zoom or Face Time for showing themselves. Zoom especially is useful as it allows the seller, buyer, and agent to be on call at the same time.
  • You can also lookup the available online notary options.
  • If it is not possible to use the virtual option, the homeowners must discuss the alternatives with the agents. Whether it is possible to schedule an in-person showing can be discussed with your agent.
  • Either the agent or the home seller must stage the house before showing it to the prospectors. This is done to ensure that buyers and other agents have to touch as few surfaces as possible. This includes turning on the lights, opening the window blinds, and opening up the closets.

No need to worry about selling the home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Although there are fewer buyers out there than normal looking for homes, it doesn’t mean those home sellers have to lose out on the deals or be forced to lower the prices. Overall, the real estate market is well-balanced at the moment during these stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Agreed there are fewer buyers for the homes but many homeowners are also placing their selling plans on hold. So, the homeowners should not be too worried about losing out on deals because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

To bolster your chances of selling your home during these difficult times ensure that the real estate agent of your choice is technology savvy and has sold houses in the past by using virtual marketing campaigns. After completing the sales of the house you will need a place to live as well. You can look for the best available semi-custom houses in the Tampa Bay, FL area. You can also get help from professionals such as Vitale Homes for building semi-custom homes to make it happen.