How to Choose the Perfect Home Builder

How to Choose the Perfect Home BuilderDeciding upon the right home builder is the most important decision you will make when you’re building the home of your dreams. When you make a good choice, you’ll have someone with whom you can both trust and partner with to achieve your perfect home. If your make a choice based on other factors that don’t consider the best home builder for your needs, you may find yourself regretting this decision for years to come. With this in mind, here are some things you should remember as you make this decision.

Quality Should be Your #1 Priority

When you opt for to build a new custom home, you’re not opting for a temporary residence. You’ll be living here far into the future, so you don’t want to have to worry about making repairs, especially not difficult or costly ones to critical structural systems throughout your home. This is why it’s vital for you to look at the quality of workmanship – tour their model homes, experience the finished product first-hand, check their references, and ask questions regarding the materials being used. Also, be sure to research the builder warranties and workmanship guarantees.

Do Some Research

You may feel overwhelmed as you work to narrow your search for the right company to do the job for you. The best place to start is with where your home will be located. Once you locate some builders in this area you can browse through their portfolios and floor plans. If possible, talk to your friends and family who’ve built custom homes in the past. Once you’ve chosen some builders, spend time to ask and learn about the company from their representatives to understand the process and culture of the company who is going to build your perfect home.

Demand Transparency Throughout the Entire Process

The best home builder is going to be fully transparent with you and will happily answer all your questions. They’ll be able to present you with a timeline and a comprehensive estimate for your new home. You’ll also be informed about their building philosophy and the products they use as well as how they relate with contractors and anyone else who will be involved in building your new home for you. Anyone who can’t clearly answer these questions should be avoided at all costs.

Never Fear Asking Questions

This is probably the first time you’ve built your dream home and nobody likes to look uneducated but this is a major investment that involves both your time and your money. A good home builder will willingly answer all your questions – no matter how ridiculous they may seem. They’ll also want you to ask these questions.

Make Sure You Both Communicate Well Together

You want to work with someone you feel you can connect with here – someone who’ll ask questions then listen as you explain your vision to them. They’ll then work to find the best products and designs to bring this vision to life. When the home builder takes forever to respond to you, this is a sign that you’ll be frustrated throughout the entire process.


While there’s no magical way to select the “perfect” home builder, we do recommend Vitale Homes as they’re able to offer you all these things and more. Many people have found them to be trustworthy and they always use high-quality materials to build your home. Are you ready to build your dream home? Call Vitale Homes today to learn how we can get started.