How To Know When It’s Time To Build A New Home

How To Know When It’s Time To Build A New HomeWhen you pause to think about achieving the American dream, one thing that may come to mind is the construction of a new home. Before you decide to embark on this adventure, you must first decide if now is the right time to do so. While your emotions may be running high, there are many other things to think about before you make this decision.

Knowing What You Want

Besides knowing what you want, you must also know what you can afford. This is why you should spend some time looking at your budget and the features you want to include in your custom home. Consider how much these things are going to cost, and how much a home builder will cost. If you see that you can afford these things, then you may well be on your way to a new home.

Knowing Where You Want to Be

The idea of living in a new neighborhood can be very exciting. However, when you go to choose that neighborhood doesn’t forget to look at things like the crime rate, what amenities are included, how far your commute to work is, and what the school district is like.

You Like New Shiny Things

When you build a new home you get what you want right from the first day. Unlike buying a pre-built home, you aren’t forced to live with what someone else wanted. You’ll get to make the first impressions of the home. This doesn’t mean that an older home can’t be charming but they don’t come with any guarantees. Instead, all you get is the assurance that something is bound to eventually go wrong. This is different with a custom home because you’ll have little to no maintenance costs involved with homeownership here.

Completed Financial Homework

After you’ve looked at both your budget and various homes for a while you should have done the math that’ll let you know what you’re able to afford. If you’ve been renting while doing this math, you’ll also have realized that it will cost you less money to build a custom home than it will continue renting a home that’s less than suitable for your needs.

As you’re working with your finances, also make sure that you have enough money set aside for an emergency fund. You never know when something unexpected will happen regardless of what time of the year it is. While you’ve already calculated your bills and building costs according to your monthly income it’s still essential for you to know that this emergency fund is there for you when something unexpected arises.

You Have an Excellent Credit Score and no Debt

When you have a good credit score it’s much more affordable for you to be able to build a new home. Since you’ve already paid off all your debt you’ll also have more money available to help with building your custom home. This is important because things like furnishings, property taxes, maintenance, and homeowner’s insurance will all quickly drain your bank account. However, when you’re entirely out of debt you’ll have more money freed up to put towards building your new home.

It’s the Right Time

After you’ve done all your homework, number crunching, and research it is time to design and build your custom home. You can see that this is more than just an emotional decision. So, when you’ve done your due diligence and everything looks right then now is the time to make your new home a custom home with the help of Vitale Homes in Tampa Bay, FL.

Vitale Homes builds new single-family homes in both large and small master-planned communities as well as self-developed neighborhoods throughout the Tampa Bay area, with a particular understanding of the Land o Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Hudson, New Port Richey, Odessa, and surrounding towns of Pasco and Pinellas counties. Whether this is your first home or twentieth home, you’ll experience the Vitale Difference of personalized customizations, exceptional included appointments and finishes, upgrades, and energy features often above industry standards and always above expectations.

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