How To Make Packing Easier

How To Make Packing EasierWhen you want to move to another home, the last thing you probably want to do is deal with the packing. Undoubtedly this is a daunting task but it’s one that you can make easier if you follow some tips from the professionals.

Stop Procrastinating

Although it seems easy to say you shouldn’t procrastinate, getting started can be more challenging than you think. Nevertheless, several weeks before your official moving day you need to set aside some time each day to pack a few boxes. You should start with those items that you use the least each day. By pacing yourself you can stay organized because the task at hand won’t feel so overwhelming. Think of it this way: The longer you wait to start, the more challenging and difficult this task will be.

Pack One Room at a Time

You want to make sure you only work on one room of your home at a time so that you don’t put items from various rooms all in the same box. As you work your way through your rooms you’ll find some really small items (e.g. knickknacks) that could easily get lost in your move or that you may accidentally throw away because you think there’s nothing in the packing paper when you take it out of the box. The best way to prevent this from happening is to wrap these items in some bright tissue paper.

Label Everything

Make sure you place a clear label on the top and all four sides of every box you pack. This label should include a broad description of the box’s contents and note what room it belongs in. By doing this in a different color marker for each room you’ll make things even clearer.

Don’t Forget the Packing Paper

You’ll want to keep everything clean, but you won’t accomplish this by using regular newspaper because its ink will bleed onto your possessions. This is why you should always use either bubble wrap or white packing paper to wrap all your items.

Use Moving Boxes

In the same way that you want to use paper meant for packing, you also want to use boxes meant for moving. Don’t use the ones that you can get for free from grocery or liquor stores because they can be dirty and not strong or durable enough to hold the weight of your household’s items. Additionally, when you have boxes of various sizes it makes it difficult for movers to load them onto their trucks.

Know What Can’t be Moved

There are some things that are too hazardous to pack or ship. This includes things like household cleaners, aerosols, bleaches, and detergents. You’ll need to transport these yourself, along with family heirlooms, personal papers, legal documents, and other such valuables.


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