Moving To A New Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving To A New Home During The Coronavirus PandemicMoving is a complex process whether you do it yourself or get help from the pros for relieving the stress involved in it. The packing and unpacking may take hours. However, if you have no alternative than hiring a company for moving to a new home at this time of coronavirus pandemic you may be feeling anxious as you try and figure out the ways of staying healthy and safe during the entire operation. But remember, you are not alone. Here are some tips in case you have to move at the time of coronavirus.

1. Use caution: You need to remember that we are in the midst of a global crisis and so need to be extremely careful during such times. You can go ahead with the move but with caution. Be attentive during the entire process.

2. Keep away from the movers: Before the coronavirus pandemic struck it would not have been difficult to accommodate family members, friends, and several movers inside the house to make the move efficiently. However, this has to be re-considered as you must follow social distancing to avoid crowding in your home. Try and limit the exposure to the people involved in the move. If there is a crew of three, two can go inside the house while the third may stay in the truck. Stay as far away from the movers as possible and avoid the handshakes. Check whether they have a fair supply of gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizers.

3. Ask queries: Before hiring a moving company find out whether they are complying with the coronavirus situation as instructed by the government. Are they monitoring the health of their employees? What kinds of gloves, masks, and sanitizers are being used for cleanliness daily? If you find anyone exhibiting the symptoms of coronavirus infection such as running temperature or coughing do not allow them inside the home. Talk to the movers three days in advance to find out all the information and let them know if anyone from your side is displaying symptoms. You need to communicate with the movers and they should show transparency about their workplace practices.

4. DIY as much as possible: Although many states have specified the movers as essential services and they can operate, there are several small moving companies out there with reduced working hours, and some have stopped their services. If this is the situation in your state you will need to manage your move on your own. In case any help is needed you must complete your homework about the operating companies in the area. Ensure that they have a cancellation policy if there is any change of plans from your side.

5. Take additional sanitary precautions: Apart from the obvious ones such as the use of masks, boots, and gloves try to ensure that the movers are using sanitary supplies for the move. You can think of having extra hygiene products if necessary. Disinfect the objects that are touched frequently especially the door handles and knobs. Keep soap and paper napkins close to the washbasin and keep the hand sanitizer close to the door. Use newer boxes for the move as coronavirus can stay alive on the cardboard for 24 hours. You may use the boxes already in the house.

WHO has set safety and health guidelines along with CDC for the coronavirus pandemic. You need to keep them in mind during the move. If you are looking to build a semi-custom home in Tampa, FL, be sure to check with Vitale Homes. They can help you with many things related to homebuilding. Contact them today for more information.

Picture Credit: Pexels