New Home Technology All Homes Will Have by 2020

New Home Technology All Homes Will Have by 2020

New Home Technology All Homes Will Have by 2020There are constantly new types of technology emerging that render other types of technology obsolete. Much of this technology will eventually make its way into our homes after they prove that they’re useful in business and other capacities. Some of the home technology you can expect to own by 2020 is quite amazing.

LED Flooring That Emits Light

When you have light-emitting carpeting, you’ll reap many great benefits. Not only can it keep you safe as it guides you throughout your home (especially in times of an emergency or at night when you try to navigate through your home in the dark), but it’ll also help you enhance your home’s ambiance since you can choose to use different colors here. This lighting engages your vision and feeds into your natural, light-seeking tendencies. It’s also conducive to the way we naturally allow the flooring to guide us as we move forward.

Smart Home Theaters

Now that almost everyone owns a smartphone, we’re starting to expect there to be smart devices located throughout our homes. Homes that are enabled with this home technology are known as “smart homes.” They enable all electronic gadgets and devices to connect with each other and your home where they can work together seamlessly. Advancements here will include:
• Replacing your TV and game consoles’ sound systems so you’ll enjoy a surround sound experience
• Lessening the number of electronics you need to invest in since you can do everything you want with just a few of them

Power Switch Technology

This is the closest technology that will come to providing people with a superpower. With the Point Switch technology businesses are currently using you can control the environment (e.g. turn on and off electronics, alarms, lamps) simply by pointing your finger. This works as a transparent, touch-friendly space is created around you so when you point your finger these things occur.

Smart Windows

Many believe that we’re about to say goodbye to the high cost of heating and cooling buildings. This is because smart windows have been created, allowing you to turn their glass from translucent to opaque with a flip of a switch or a touch of a button. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also eliminates the need to own curtains. All of this will save you money and time as the sunlight will change your windows throughout the day.

Unlock Things with Your Fingerprint

Most people have lost their keys at one time or another. The good news is that keys are now becoming a thing of the past. Now fingerprints are now being used to unlock your phones, homes, and cars. Another benefit of this is that while keys can be copied or stolen, your fingerprint cannot – adding even more security. This home technology is easy to manage so you can adjust who will have access to your home or car anytime.

Communicate with Your Home’s Appliances

Some people are already using home technology that lets you check on your home (temperature, surroundings, activities, locked doors, security) from anywhere outside your home. This home technology will eventually develop to allow you to converse with your appliances too. For instance, when you’re at the grocery store and discover that you’ve forgotten your shopping list you can converse with your refrigerator to see what’s inside. Another benefit here is you can pre-heat your oven before arriving home at night to save you time.


By 2020 most of today’s technology will be obsolete and we’ll have a lot of new technology to use. If you want to stay up to date with these trends, contact Vitale Homes today. They are constantly reviewing and reevaluating their included features and the exceptional characteristics of the Vitale Difference.

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