Predictions For 2020’s Color Of The Year

Predictions For 2020’s Color Of The YearWhen the color of the year is announced, many people start changing out all their paint colors. However, you must also wonder if this will have any impact on upcoming design trends. You also must wonder how much sway the company will have on saying what next year’s popular color will be. These are things we’ll soon learn as many top home paint and color companies will choose 2020’s color by the end of 2019.

A Look at 2020’s Trends

Currently, blue is leading the way when it comes to 2020’s paint colors and trends. In fact, blue home paint colors account for about half of the first colors that were announced by companies recently. Following close behind blue are soft, muted colors. While these aren’t quite pastel colors, they do have the same relaxed look that many chalk paint colors have. The one thing all these colors share in common is they help build a calm, soothing home environment. Many believe this means that 2020’s theme will center on creating a calming home in which people are energized and replenished.

Regardless of their meaning, one thing is for sure: Anyone who’s going to paint any part of their home in 2020 will get some guidance towards their paint decision from these colors. Even if you don’t see yourself painting your home, you should still pay some attention to these trending colors to see what your neighbors will be up to.

2020’s Paint Colors

Throughout the remainder of 2019 you’ll hear paint companies and color experts announce their choice for 2020’s home paint color of the year. Then, by the end of 2019, we’ll have a definitive look at what direction color will take us throughout 2020. Some of the predictions we’ve already gathered include:
• Behr’s “Back to Nature” is a soft green color that’s great for both interior and exterior walls. It provides a calm, springtime feeling.
• PPG’s “Chinese Porcelain” gets its inspiration from Chinese ceramics’ rich, orchid blues. This color leans into its violet undertones to create a deep blue that looks more like sky-blue than navy blue.
• HGTV Home by Sherwin-William’s “Romance” is a sweet, blush tone of home paint. It’s succeeded at striking the perfect balance between orange’s playful, vibrant hues and pink’s soothing ones. As such, it’s a great neutral color to use to create a pop of color as a backdrop or in your accents in any monochromatic space throughout your home.
• Sherwin-William’s “Naval” is a neutral color. It’s a deep, rich blue that you can use subtly throughout the room or to create a focal point – it all depends on what furnishings or décor you pair it with.

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