Prepare Your Semi-Custom Home Before A Big Trip

Prepare Your Semi-Custom Home Before A Big TripYou did it. It is finally time to relax after an incredibly busy year. The family is ready, the car is packed, and you already have a neighbor to pick up the mail. There is just one more thing you are forgetting: the security of your semi-custom home. There are many ways that thieves can break into your home but fortunately, there are also many ways to protect yourself and your property so you can relax comfortably whenever you are away.

Basic Security

Locking your doors should come as a no brainer, but this is especially important to double-check before you leave for an extended time. Make sure every door, window, and possible access is shut and locked. This includes that one particular window that might be hard to shut all the way or the back gate that is always left open.

Thieves have gotten even more ingenious in the way that they break into homes and particularly for some older model homes, there are commercially available garage door scanners that can get them into your semi-custom home. It is a best practice that if you own a home like that to upgrade to the newest available model security systems so you do not let thieves take advantage of this loophole which, fortunately for you, comes standard in our semi-custom homes.

Another easy way to drastically increase the security of your home is to install motion activated lights and sensors. These can be programmed to turn on certain lights and appliances, like televisions, to make it seem like the home is occupied whenever someone comes close enough to trip them off. Thieves typically look for easy targets of opportunity and do not like conflict. If they believe a home is occupied, they will typically move on to another, easier target. Though this might result in higher than expected electric bills, such a thing is a small price compared to your peace of mind.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

It is common knowledge to not flaunt your wealth in places you should. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, more emboldened criminals will usually “stake out” or watch your semi-custom home for anything valuable. Usually, they will take a look through your windows, open doors, or even peek over your fence into your backyard to see what valuables they can steal. Since our semi-custom homes are designed with ample storage space in mind, we take into consideration any and all of your specifications to keep your valuables hidden and protected.

In addition to protecting your valuables, our semi-custom homes have the added benefit of protecting your family as well through the use of our high quality, strong materials. Strong wind, rain, hail, and adverse weather will not damage the property you have inside with one of the semi-custom homes built by us Watergrass Rose Haven.

Building Safe Neighborhoods

While even the most protected homes cannot deter the most determined thieves, a crucial factor in reducing property crime is living in a good neighborhood known for security. Thankfully for you, we have two communities just like that in our Watergrass and Rose Haven communities. Vitale Homes has been building properties in these subdivisions and many others for years. During this time, we have cemented our reputation for producing quality semi-custom homes at affordable prices with our number one focus being you. At Vitale Homes, we share the same values of affordability, quality, and safety as you do. Please contact us to find out more about the safety features and other questions you might have of our semi-custom homes.

Picture Credit: Pexels