Prepare Your Tampa Home For Hurricane Weather

Prepare Your Tampa Home For Hurricane WeatherWhether your home is vulnerable to a hurricane or a tropical storm– or, perhaps, both- the best thing you can do is be ready.

Hurricanes cause massive destruction. If your home is in its path, then it could be vulnerable. Parts of your home that you want to make sure to fortify include garage doors, windows, and, especially, glass patio doors. If you fail to ensure that these entryways are in top shape, your home can be ruined by flooding.

There are three certainties for those of us who live in Tampa: death, taxes, and tropical storms. Make sure to fortify your home with resilient, durable material. Watch out for any gaps in the foundation, and if you find areas of weakness in your home, make sure to act accordingly.

The worst thing you can do is put off renovations and hope for the best. When it’s too late, it’s too late. You have to be prepared. Here are a few tips.

Target Windows and Doors

Perhaps that drafty window or door doesn’t bother you or present any immediate problems. On a sunny day, it’s possible the breeze is welcome. But drafts are a sign your windows aren’t closing right up. In the middle of a hurricane, that makes all the difference.

Your belongings are at risk if you fail to address this issue before the time comes. To ensure that you’re protected, conduct a walk-through of your house: Make sure all your windows and doors are closing properly. You can also go the extra mile and apply quality paint to the outside walls of your house. These approaches cover your bases in terms of maintaining the integrity of your home, as well as maintaining its desired aesthetic.

If It’s Broke, Fix It (Even If It’s Not Broke)

After you complete your walk-through, you may find that your windows appear to be in tip-top shape; but if it’s going on two decades since you last had your windows replaced, you might want to think about breaking open the piggy-bank to have new windows installed. Tropical storms are known to dump water into even recently renovated homes. Even brand-new windows allow some water to enter the home. In fact, they’re designed that way. They bend, so as not to break. Whether you have new windows or older windows, fortify them with anything you have lying around the house: old tee-shirts and other absorbent material do the trick.

As an extra precaution, you may want to consider installing shutters to deflect extra-velocity winds. Certain parts of Tampa are more vulnerable to high-velocity winds than others. Know your area. If you live in a place that has, historically, endured high force winds, make sure to equip your windows appropriately.

Identify Potential Projectiles

Your yard is probably full of objects that can be hurled by high winds. You can prevent something from coming in through the living room window by removing branches, chairs, tables, umbrellas- anything that isn’t bolted into concrete. Store outdoor items in your attic, if you run out of room in your garage. Perhaps, you may want to look into having your landscaping done before a tropical storm hits.

Safety Is Everything

You take these precautions to ensure the integrity of your home, and part of what motivates you is that you want your family to be safe no matter what happens. Vitale Homes knows your home is more than space. When you invest in fortifying your walls and windows, you take tangible steps to ensure your family’s safety, come what may.

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Picture Credit: Unsplash