Pros of Living in a Gated Community

Pros of Living in a Gated CommunityA home that’s located within a gated community either has a security guard on duty or it’s enclosed by electronic gates and fences. These tend to be either quieter enclaves or larger master-planned neighborhoods that allow you to access all sorts of amenities and recreational facilities. Of course, there are many benefits to living in these communities, which is why so many people desire to live there.


This is one of the biggest benefits a home builder can offer you here. When you’re in a gated community, you’re in a location that’s closed off from the rest of the community. There is fixed entry and exit ways with either a security guard or electronic security in place there so that only verified residents can enter. Since anyone who doesn’t live in the community must use the intercom system to gain admittance. Therefore, unwanted guests have more difficulty accessing your neighborhood, and most especially when there are 24/7 CCTV cameras conducting surveillance.

All of this means that you also won’t have any unknown traffic or any vehicles that simply choose to speed through your neighborhood, think they can take a short cut, or simply cruising the neighborhood. For the most part, the gated secure entry makes for a safer community, giving you one less thing to worry about. Instead, you’ll enjoy peace and tranquility away from the noise of everyday living. Of course, with less traffic, your neighborhood should also be safer for your children. The overall safety families enjoy while living in a gated community is especially great for parents who want their children to be safe while playing outside.


Another important advantage is the additional privacy you’ll enjoy. Since only residents and verified guests can enter the community you won’t have the hustle and bustle of a typical neighborhood. This is why many public figures and celebrities live in these neighborhoods.

You also won’t have to worry about solicitors coming to your door. They’re unable to enter your neighborhood which makes it less frustrating than in other places where you’re forced to deal with them.


Living in a gated community will make you feel secure and cared for. There’s an unspoken understanding among residents who live here. You’ll get to know your neighbors better because there are communal facilities (e.g. tennis courts, golf course, swimming pool, gym, playground) that you’ll share with them. In turn, this will build trust and familiarity. These amenities are great perks because otherwise, you’d pay a lot of money to enjoy them. When these amenities are located directly in your neighborhood you can easily walk to them whenever you want, thus enabling you to get more enjoyment from them.

Increased Property Value

There is a sense of exclusivity when living behind gates. This can be reflected in maintaining resale values. While many people think it’s expensive to live in one of these communities, this isn’t always true. The costs associated with gated neighborhoods can vary greatly, depending on the level of security and what else may be behind the gates. However, many homeowners see this as a positive return on their investment.


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