Stress Free Packing Tips

blankAlthough you feel like you’re ready to move to your new home, the stuff that you own still sits there, staring you in the face as it silently mocks you. Packing is a daunting task, but there are several packing tips that you can heed which will make things a lot easier for you come moving day. So, when you’re ready to start packing with a vengeance, make sure you heed these easy tips.

Don’t Procrastinate

Although it seems easy to not procrastinate when you need to start packing to move, many people will tell you that it’s difficult to get started with this process. Nevertheless, a few weeks before the date of your move you must start packing a few boxes each day. You should start with those items that you don’t need each day. By pacing yourself you’ll be better organized. You’ll also make sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed because packing will seem easier.

Pack one Room at a Time

Only focus on a single part of the room. Never mix items from various rooms in a single box. When you’re ready to pack small knickknacks or other small items one of the best packing tips to remember is that you should always use brightly colored paper for these items. This way you’re certain you don’t throw them away accidentally.

Use Packing Labels

Make sure to label everything clearly on both the top and sides of your boxes. You should include a general description of the box’s contents along with what room the items belong in. For additional clarity for both you and your movers, use different colored markers for each room that you pack.

Use Packing Paper

If you read through some older packing tips you may see people telling you to use newspaper to wrap delicate items. This isn’t a good idea because it can make those items dirty. Instead, make sure you always use white packing paper.

Only use Moving Boxes

Another one of the old packing tips that you should avoid says that you can get free boxes from your local grocery or liquor store to use. While this is true and admittedly, it does sound great, don’t do it. You should always use moving boxes because otherwise the boxes may be dirty and unable to withstand the weight of the items you’re putting in them. Additionally, when you have various sizes of boxes, it’s more challenging to load the moving truck so it’ll require more time.

Know What Items You Can’t Pack Yourself

There are some common household items that you can’t pack. These things are hazardous when shipping them. Some examples of such items are household cleaning products and laundry detergent.

There are also some non-hazardous items that you don’t want the moving company to transport for you. This includes your important papers, family heirlooms, and other such valuables.


We know you’re excited to move into your new residence with Vitale Homes. Taking the time to do things right will help make this move go even smoother. So, once you have a home lined up with us, make sure to heed these tips so you’ll enjoy your home from the start.

Picture Credit: BilliTheCat