The Importance Of Location In Real Estate

The Importance Of Location In Real EstateWhen you ask a real estate agent what the three most important things about a property are, they’ll tell you, “location, location, location.” According to the New York Times, house location is something they’ve been saying since 1926. This makes sense since you can’t easily or inexpensively move a home. You must also consider that a home is a long-term investment.

What to Look for in Your Home’s new Neighborhood

With these thoughts in mind, you should look for the following characteristics in your new home. If you find all of these things, you’ve found a solid investment. They include:
⦁ People want to live in a neighborhood that has little to no crime so they can feel safe. Most people are even willing to pay extra for it because then they can be outdoors and interact with their neighbors without “fear.”
⦁ Parents want their children to be in a good school district. Even if you don’t have any children yet, you may still wish to do your due diligence and find a home in such an area so you won’t need to move later. Of course, the better the school district is, the more you’ll pay for a home in that area. If you choose to ignore this and purchase a home in an area with a subpar school district you may have resale issues in the future. This is something you should consider now.
⦁ Being conveniently located by popular commercial districts or the hub of your town will also drive a home’s price up. This is why if you live in a beach or waterfront community, you’ll pay more for a home located closer to the beach.
⦁ Public transportation and highways will also make a house location more valuable. While you want to live near these things, you don’t want to live with them directly in your back or front yard. Instead, try to be within 20 minutes of a highway. If you live in a small town, owning a car may be inevitable.

What to Avoid in Your Home’s new Neighborhood

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as a bad house location. The characteristics of such locations include:
⦁ A home whose backyard faces the highway, a busy intersection, or a four-lane road is undesirable regardless of what the rest of the neighborhood is like.
⦁ While being near a fire station is good when your home is on fire, it isn’t good if you’re trying to sleep at night so that too is undesirable. Some of the other major businesses you’ll want to avoid include hospitals (too many ambulance sirens), airports (too many jet engines throughout the day), and schools (too many buses coming and going and children screaming).

Every community has its less than desirable parts. This is why you should always take time to familiarize yourself with the area before purchasing a home there. However, what you may find desirable about an area you can probably find someone who also finds that specific thing to be undesirable for them. For instance, if you’re a major baseball fan you may enjoy being near the stadium. However, someone who doesn’t like baseball probably won’t want to live there.

Finding the “Perfect” Home

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