Tips For Selling Your House

Tips For Selling Your HouseRegardless of whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, you’ll approach selling your home in the same way. People will pay the most attention to your home during the first few weeks in which it was listed. This is why you need these simple, inexpensive tips to help you get a good offer quickly.

Finding the Right Agent

You’ll want an agent with a proven track record for selling homes fast. The agent should be familiar with your neighborhood and know what will stand out to potential buyers. They’ll hire a photographer to take a variety of photos to share on their listings, throughout the internet, and via social media. This is important because the photographer will know how to “stage” your home in a way that brings forth its best light. This is such an important step that you’ll need to interview a few agents to ensure that you find the right one to sell your house.

Staging Your Home

There are several things you’ll want to make sure you do before putting your home on the market. These include:

  • Declutter your home so it looks bigger and its best features stand out better.
  • Place any personal items (e.g. photos, memorabilia) from your home in boxes so buyers can easily imagine themselves living there.
  • Don’t keep boxes scattered throughout your home. Rent a storage unit to keep them in until you sell your house.
  • Make small upgrades to your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Things you may consider here include paint (make sure to opt for neutral colors), new kitchen cabinet hardware, upgraded light fixtures, and new faucets in the bathroom.
  • Make sure your home has great curb appeal. This includes taking care of your landscaping, power washing your home, and polishing or painting any part of your home that’s grown dull over the years.
  • Take enough time to deep clean your entire home.

Decide When the Time is Right

The best time to sell your house is in the spring and summer months because people want to move and be settled before school starts. Nice weather also makes it easier to view and inspect a home. However, this also makes it so that buyers can be pickier. Don’t base your decision alone. Make sure you consider your own needs too. These are all things your agent can help you work through to get your home ready to sell.

Decide on a Sale Price

It’s important to price your home right so it’ll sell fast. This is both an art and a science because you know what you need financially but you must also consider what the market can handle, as well as your home and its neighborhood’s value. Here you’ll want to do some research to look at similar homes to see what you should price yours at. Your agent can also help you here so make sure you hire someone you trust.


Once you sell your house you’ll need somewhere to live. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy the house of your dreams now. Contact Vitale Homes so you can make this happen.

Picture Credit: Ppaulbr75