Vitale Homes Wins Tampa Bay Parade Of Homes The Silver Award

Vitale Homes Wins Tampa Bay Parade Of Homes The Silver AwardThe 2020 Tampa Bay Parade of Homes was an event organized by the TBBA (Tampa Bay Builders Association) in March 2020. The winners for the various categories are out. There was a panel of building industry professionals established to judge the home entries. Many criteria were considered such as curb appeal, merchandising, architectural detailing, kitchen, floor plan, master suite, and outdoor living spaces.

Vitale Homes received the Silver Award for homes within the price range of $550k to $599k. Their house Murano Bonus won this award during the 2020 competition held. The Vitale Homes offer a great architectural difference to your semi-custom homes. You can feel and see this difference in all their homes. It is their signature specialty. Some of the features offered by Vitale Homes include,

  • Air duct direct return and supply.
  • Zip system for the framed exterior walls which integrate air and water-resistant barrier.
  • R-9 foam injection used for the block wall.
  • 8’ fiberglass front door with glass insert.
  • A solid 16″ on the center framing of the interior walls.
  • R-38 insulation.
  • 2″X6″ exterior frame walls for second-story homes.
  • Grand elevations.
  • Suspended air handler inside the garage.
  • A concrete slab foundation of 3000-PSI.

Vitale Homes provides a $35,000 built-in value with included luxury features that are upgrade elsewhere, known as “The Vitale Difference”. Vitale Homes is “Different” because the majority of competitors de-feature their homes to provide an upfront attractive price and then re-arranging, once the contract is written, at color selection where any simple item, expected to be included, is an upcharge.

Vitale Homes is a family of experts in the line of commercial and residential construction, land development, and investments related to homebuilding. They have been in operation since the 1970s and the company has been successful in its operations all across the U.S. and Canada. The company was originally called Suntech Properties and it has delivered hundreds of homes in the self-developed neighborhood. The company evolved from Suntech to Vitale Homes in 2016 for rebranding.

Michael Vitale brings the next generation leadership to the company with a contemporary approach supported by the wealth and experience of the family. Michael not only has prior experience in home construction but has served in Afghanistan and Kosovo war zones for NATO alliance. His wife is also a successful home builder and contractor.