When To Sell Your House In Tampa

When To Sell Your House In TampaSelling your home is a difficult decision to make. Once you’ve decided to sell your house you may want to know when the best time to reach most buyers in Tampa is so that things are easier on you.

When Houses in Tampa Sell Best

Generally, it’s believed that people more frequently buy houses in Tampa throughout the spring and summer months (May – September). This makes sense since school is out so it’s easier to relocate during these months. Furthermore, the weather is more pleasant for house shopping during this time. This will allow people to settle into their new house before the holidays but there are some people who only live in Florida throughout the winter months and these people also want to buy a house. With this new influx of buyers, you may be able to sell your house for more money.

Preparing to Sell Your House

Before you list your house for sale, make sure you’re financially prepared to do so. There are some unforeseen costs that many people don’t think about including repairs, cleaning, and landscaping. You also need to take into consideration when you must move by and if you’ll be able to get another mortgage if you don’t sell your house. These are things that can add unwanted pressure and stress, which may result in you selling your house for less money than you’d expected.

It’s also important to ensure that you and your family are emotionally prepared to move. If you don’t have to move, make sure that this is a good time to do so. Let your children finish out their school year with their friends if possible.

What Statistics say About Selling Houses in Tampa

Some things you’ll want to also think about are what the statistics say. These include:

  • Houses that are listed between May 1 – 15 sell 9 days faster for a 1 – 3% higher listing price. Of course, this does depend a lot on the market so you’ll want to pay attention to how things are going in the Tampa real estate market.
  • Saturday mornings are the best day of the week to list your house for sale because then you’ll be towards the top of the list when prospective buyers start browsing through the listings. Your second-best option for listing your house for sale is Friday.

Being Different is Good

Although selling your house in the spring and summer are the preferred times to sell houses in Tampa, doing something different can be beneficial. One of the major advantages to selling in the fall and winter is there won’t be as many houses being sold. Of course, there won’t be as many prospective buyers either. However, your house could really stand out to one of them resulting in great rewards.


Once you sell your house and you’re ready to start looking for a new one, we invite you to stop by Vitale Houses and check out all we have to offer. Many people are happy they did and that they’re now living in one of our houses. Will you be next? Give us a call and find out for yourself.

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