Why The Floor Plan Design Is Sometimes More Important Than Square Footage

Why The Floor Plan Design Is Sometimes More Important Than Square FootageWhen you’re searching for a new home you probably already have a good idea of the size you need or at least the number of bedrooms or bathrooms you think you need. This along with your budget and desired location are the top priorities of most homeowners. A word of caution here though: the notion that bigger is better isn’t always the right one when you’re looking for a new home. It’s more important to recognize that not all square feet aren’t equal. This is why you should consider the layout instead of the square footage. So instead of looking at the “size” of home, you should think about how the home builder designed it instead.

It’s easy to be excited about a home that’s listed within your budget and offers a lot of square footage but when you step inside you may quickly become disappointed. In spite of how much space this home may offer and its’ budget-friendly price, the reason why this home may not be for you could be an awkward layout, larger rooms that offer little functionality and overall wasted space. This is why it’s important to ask a few questions when you’re considering how much square footage a home has.

Can the space be easily used?

How big a room is doesn’t matter if the room has an awkward shape you can’t easily set up your furniture so you can enjoy living there. Make sure you look over the floor plan with the home builder because square footage also consists of bathrooms, hallways, and closets – places you can’t live in. Instead, you need to make sure that the square footage is used in the rooms where you spend most of your time (e.g. living room, bedroom, kitchen, den).

How does the home’s layout look?

Regardless of the square footage, a poor layout will make your home feel uninviting and small. You also don’t want to simply buy more space or have a home builder add on to your current home without things flowing well instead of being strangely placed. When a layout doesn’t work well it makes it challenging for you to create a warm, welcoming feeling in your home.

Have you been misled by the price per square foot?

Unfortunately, there are some home builders who will construct new buildings that appear to be a great deal because of how much square footage they offer. However, when you look closely you may find it lacks windows, has a weird layout, or some other “issue” that makes it almost impossible for you to set up your furniture. Having a whole room that’s a waste of space isn’t worth your time or your money.

Fortunately, this isn’t something that happens too frequently anymore. Today’s home builders are more conscientious with the way they design a home’s layout. Their primary goal is to create livable space that homeowners will enjoy spending time in. As such things like large living rooms attached to a kitchen or dining room is more commonplace. People can easily see and understand how creating more usable space like this instead of simply adding square footage is beneficial. It’s why so many builders are no longer constructing walls and instead they’re opting for an open floor plan.

Open floor plans aren’t always the answer though. Sometimes they diminish a home’s traditional graciousness, favoring its efficiency instead. This is why there’s also a slow but steady return to homes with open floor plans also offering jettisoned foyers and formal dining rooms.


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