Why Vitale Homes Are Built To Last?

Why Vitale Homes Are Built To Last?Building a good solid house is a passion for a good home builder. Vitale Homes are home builders that ensure that they are building a house that is going to be there for a long time and will continue to provide shelter to the people living in it. These home builders build their houses on a 16-inch center. You’re assured of seeing a straight edge when you watch the face of the drywall. You’re not going to see a wavy wall nor are you going to see a wavy baseboard. You’re going to get a solid wall which is 2×4 everywhere. However, this doesn’t mean that they are just piling together a 2×4 concrete wall while they are building your house.

One important thing you need to know is that many home builders use poor quality form injection as a way of insulation. It affects the energy efficiency in the houses built by the competitors of Vitale Homes as they have been injecting their block walls with it. Vitale Homes, on the other hand, will prove the energy efficiency achieved through their insulation as the form they use is guaranteed to improve on the front of energy consumption. This is achieved because their insulation seals any air leaks you might have on the first surface. There is also the additional benefit achieved with the insulation and that is comfort and quietness inside the house. This kind of insulation also prevents bugs from entering your house.

People who do their homework and compare various things with the work of other home builders know the true difference. You can use the Vitale Homes kitchen as an example of a finished product. You will be able to verify during the visits that the tiles are running all the way underneath the cabinet, up the cabinet to the toe kick. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the area. Vitale Homes will also provide level two cabinets in the kitchen. You will see that there will be doors provided on these cabinets that get close to each other without needing that piece of wood to close them. The other nice feature is that these are self-closing doors and remember, they are being used for a level two cabinet.

When the customers come inside a house built by Vitale Homes, they will see all the modern amenities. They will also notice the 5 and 1/4 inch baseboard that comes standard with the house. Rest assured that it will be made from granite right through the whole house. This comes standard with the houses built by Vitale Homes and although they are available in case of other home builders where the house model looks beautiful, it is optional. In the case of Vitale Homes, it is done during the waiting period before they do their underlayment. It minimizes or eliminates the potential cracking of the tiles inside the home. Another positive aspect of Vitale Homes is that whereas they get their tiles in place, their competitors’ add a coat over them which is so thin set that it will just lie on top of the tiles. So, your tiles will be safe when you are using the services of Vitale Homes.

When Vitale Homes build their houses they will treat each and every house as if it was their own personal property. As the customers come through the door it’s amazing to see their reactions. Many of their standard constructions are considered to be upgrades by the other home builders. Actually, it just reinstates the values that are offered by Vitale Homes to you in your community.

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