Why You Should Buy A New Home

Why You Should Buy A New HomeAccording to a survey conducted by Trulia, more than twice the number of people prefer to buy new homes rather than existing homes. By “new” it is intended to be a brand new property that has not been lived in before. It also points to the homes bought in the pre-construction stage. On the other hand, the resold or existing homes are prior-owned properties and most of them were built several years ago. If the house price is the same, two out of five Americans will prefer a new home or a newly built home to the existing property.

Advantages of buying a new home

  • You will have the option to get the homebuilder to customize the property before the construction is done. Therefore, the home will be built with a personal touch and painted with the colors you had in mind. This is a big bonus.
  • The newly constructed houses or pre-constructed homes are already built. You are not required to lift a finger, a hammer, or a paintbrush.
  • The new homes are available with the design elements required for the modern lifestyle. For instance, you get, walk-in closets, open eat-in kitchens, and big master baths just to name a few.
  • There is a big financial benefit associated with the new properties. You are not required to do any maintenance for the equipment. By using brand new appliances, heating, plumbing, and the air you can repair for free in the initial period at least.
  • The use of newer construction material means the newly built homes generally are more energy efficient. It also means possibly lower energy bills.
  • New condominiums and homes are many times equipped with the latest technology that is built in such as speakers, alarms, internet wiring, and other cables. This saves a lot of money, time, and punctures in the walls.
  • You will have the advantage of moving into a home that is complete and is perfect for your expectations. That smell you associate with a new home is a luxury.

Other benefits

Lesser maintenance

The modern-day homes are better engineered and they can minimize the maintenance requirements. For instance, composite products are used for the exterior of the home trim instead of wood that may rot and need repainting. In the case of an older house, you are not aware of what you are getting. There may be a need to perform a lot of maintenance. New homes mean the homeowner can enjoy living in the place and not be burdened with maintenance.


Many times the homebuilders are keen to take care of the repair work, which is a necessity in the newly built homes in the first year. Along with this most of the other stuff is warrantied for longer periods. So, in case your roof begins to leak or the heater breaks in the warranty period the home builder may take up the work for the repair. In the case of the existing properties, even if the home is prior inspected it still may not reveal the hidden defects at the time of purchase.

Although it might appear that buying a new home is a perfect choice, there are many other considerations as well. You will also need to take into account lifestyle factors. After all, you are not only buying a home you are selecting a neighborhood as well. If you are looking to build a new semi-custom home in the Tampa, FL region get in touch with Vitale Homes, a high reputation home builder that offers quality service . They are specialists in building single-family homes in various communities in Tampa Bay area.