Our design studio

Our design studio

Step into our Charming Design Studio, where the journey to your dream home begins! Packed with a delightful array of choices to embrace your personal touch both inside and out. Think vibrant cabinet hues, luxurious flooring, sleek countertops, perfect paint colors, and beautiful exterior options. We’re here to walk hand-in-hand with you, making every step of the selection process not just easy but truly enjoyable. To ensure you make the most of your design appointment with us, here are a few handy tips to ponder before you arrive.


Take the time to get familiar with the choices waiting for you at the selection center. This preparation can make the process even more enjoyable. Dive into your personal style! Exploring popular social media sites is an excellent way to gather fresh ideas and inspiration. And yes, capturing those inspirations in pictures is a fantastic idea! Why not also take a stroll through some of our current inventory homes? Seeing the materials we prefer firsthand, like the style of cabinets, flooring options, exterior finishes, and paint colors, can give you a solid sneak peek of what you can look forward to during your selection appointment.


Let’s make planning your dream home a wonderful adventure with Vitale Homes! Did you know it’s often way more cost-effective to opt for upgrades during the initial building process instead of waiting to remodel later? And here’s where we shine brighter than many – we include a host of luxury features as standard, which means you’re already saving thousands before we even talk about additional upgrades! This extra cash can help you out on those special touches that make a house a home. Plus, you’re always in control with our wide range of options tailored to fit any budget. So, keep an eye on your budget, prioritize what’s truly important to you, and let’s make your home everything you’ve dreamed of – together.

Before Leaving

We want you to be thrilled with every choice you make! If there’s anything you’re curious about or if you need some extra information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Just a reminder: items such as windows, doors, cabinets, and roof selections get ordered early on to make sure we keep your home’s construction timeline right on track. Please know that we’re here to help you navigate through your design appointment and process seamlessly!

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