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Why Should You Choose A Local, New Home Builder?

By Publisher, February 27, 2024
When you begin the exciting process of creating your dream home in Brooksville, selecting the appropriate new home builder is a critical step. In the diverse landscape of options, Vitale Homes, a renowned local builder in Brooksville, stands out due to its personalized service, extensive knowledge of the Brooksville market, and robust community involvement. Therefore, […]
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Creating Dream Homes: The Journey With Vitale Homes

By Publisher, February 12, 2024
Vitale Homes has carved a niche in the competitive homebuilding industry, distinguishing itself through a blend of expertise, innovation, and customer-centric practices. This article explores the key aspects that set Vitale Homes apart from its competitors. 1. Family Legacy and Expertise: Vitale Homes, originally established as Suntech Properties, is a testament to a rich family […]
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Why The Sunshine State Shines For Real Estate: Florida’s Top 11 Draws

By Vitale Homes, January 29, 2024
Florida has become an increasingly popular destination for those looking to purchase a new home. The allure of the Sunshine State extends beyond its famous beaches and balmy weather. Here are several reasons why Florida is attracting new residents. In conclusion, Florida’s blend of financial benefits, natural beauty, cultural diversity, and strong community spirit make […]
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10 Reasons To Buy A New Home In Brooksville, FL

By Vitale Homes, January 22, 2024
In conclusion, Brooksville, FL, offers an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a new home, combining modern living, investment potential, and a blend of small-town charm with urban amenities. Adding to this allure is the presence of Vitale Homes, a renowned new home builder in Brooksville. Vitale Homes brings over 50 years of residential and commercial […]
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It May Be Time To Consider a Newly Built Home

By Vitale Homes, May 8, 2023
If you’re looking to buy a house, you may find today’s limited supply of homes available for sale challenging. When housing inventory is as low as it is right now, it can feel like a bit of an uphill battle to find the perfect home for you because there just isn’t that much to choose from. […]
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Why Buying a Home Makes More Sense Than Renting Today

By Vitale Homes, May 1, 2023
Wondering if you should continue renting or if you should buy a home this year? If so, consider this. Rental affordability is still a challenge and has been for years. That’s because, historically, rents trend up over time. Data from the Census shows rents have been climbing pretty steadily since 1988. And, data from the latest rental report from shows rents continue to grow […]
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Think Twice Before Waiting for Lower Home Prices

By Vitale Homes, April 27, 2023
As the housing market continues to change, you may be wondering where it’ll go from here. One factor you’re probably thinking about is home prices, which have come down a bit since they peaked last June. And you’ve likely heard something in the news or on social media about a price crash on the horizon. […]
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What Are the Experts Saying About the Spring Housing Market?

By Vitale Homes, April 25, 2023
The housing market’s been going through a lot of change lately, and there’s been uncertainty surrounding what will happen this spring. You may be wondering if more homes will go on the market, what’s next with home prices and mortgage rates, or what the best advice is for someone in your position right now. Here’s what industry experts […]
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Why Buying a Home Is a Sound Decision

By Vitale Homes, March 23, 2023
If you’re thinking about buying a home, you want to know the decision will be a good one. And for many, that means thinking about what home prices are projected to do in the coming years and how that could impact your investment. This year, we aren’t seeing home prices fall dramatically. As the year goes on, however, some markets may […]
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Is It Really Better To Rent Than To Own a Home Right Now?

By Vitale Homes, March 6, 2023
You may have seen reports in the news recently saying it’s better to rent right now than it is to own your home. But before you let that impact your decisions, you should understand what these claims are based on. A lot of the time, these reports are assuming things that aren’t realistic for the average […]
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